Monday, October 24, 2005

The Bug Collectors

11bugcollectors, originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.

An oldie from the archives of Collage Kids.


Scrapatorium said...

I hate bugs, but I sure love this collage! Just super!!

Dylan said...

this one is really fun

michael said...

Thanks guys! I was invited to submit work for a "Millenium Bug" themed show and I did tons with creepy-crawlies in at the time.

Myrtle Peacock said...

Those creepy kids with their giant wall-mounted caterpillar! Aiiiee!

I love the way the boy is gently coaxing the big beetle out of its box.

In Japan, of course, bug-collecting is a popular hobby amongst young children and one that has had a long history. One can buy all kinds of bug-collecting paraphernalia, including brightly-coloured plastic cages to be worn around the neck. In fact, Pokemon was based on the concept of bug-collecting; I'm pretty sure, though, that I'd rather have a room full of Pikachus than massive spooky insects.

michael said...

A room full of Pikachus sounds pretty scary to me!
Thanks for the info. though Myrtle!

Anonymous said...

these bugs are cool too.